Xtreme Clean Decking Shed and Fence Restorer

This eco safe, biodegradable alkaline cleaner is an xtreme power super concentrate that is the safest and strongest way to deep clean and restore your wood.
Safe-Way Deck, Shed & Fence Cleaner is truly water-based with no petrochemical solvent, whatsoever.

This means wood cleaner is ecologically friendly and truly safe to use. It is harmless to people, animals, pets, plants and soil. Safe-Way Deck, Shed & Fence Cleaner solution will totally biodegrade after 6 hours.

It is packaged in concentrate form, as the addition of regular hot water for dilution is done by the end user. This saves space while storing and shipping, therefore having a lower impact on the environment.

Use Safe-Way Deck, Shed & Fence Cleaner before treating or staining your wood, there is no point staining dirt, debris and mould on your wood, instead of the wood beneath.
Ideal for deep cleaning green algae and all dirt from decking, sheds, fences, wood garden furniture (and plastic), wood siding, log homes, docks. Also perfect for wood kennels, stables, hutches and hen houses.

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10 Litres, 20 Litres


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