Stable and Barn Stain

Stable and Barn water based wood stain is completely safe for horses, livestock and when used for barn conversions, people, pets and plants.

Many horses are inclined to chew at their homes and when you use our Stable and Barn water based wood stain colours, you can rest assured that they will not be harmed by any toxic ingredients.
Stable and Barn water based wood stain colours are quick and easy to use, it can be applied by either brush, roller or low pressure sprayer and it dries fast.

Stable and Barn wood stain colours are truly 100% water based, that performs better than expensive petrochemical, solvent stains. We use the most technologically advanced water soluble pigments with amazing, outstanding performance.
We load up our Stable and Barn wood stain formula with maximum possible pigments for greater depth and richness of colour, and use extra binding agents to increase durability. This also means you can often complete a project with just one coat.

Stable and Barn water based wood stain colours penetrate deep into the wood and binds to the wood fibres. The semi-transparent qualities enhance the wood grain, leaving a beautiful natural finish, lasting many years.

Our Guarantee

Our Stable and Barn Exterior Wood Stains carry a 5 year warranty. When correctly applied, as in the instructions, the finish is guaranteed not to crack, peel, flake, blister or chalk within 5 years of application to vertical surfaces. Wood must be clean and in good condition, free from any insect or fungal infestation and be chemical free before the original application of Safe Way Stable and Barn Exterior Wood Stains.

Additional information


5 Litre, 25 Litre


Golden Oak, Oak, Mature Oak, Barn Black, Slate


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