Safe Way Wood Treatment

Use it on new wood, pressure treated wood, older wood that is free from infestation and previously treated wood. It is great for log cabins, barns, stables, sheds, decks and fences. It is even safe to use in marine applications, such as docks and wharfs.

The mordant action of the wood treatment causes both the natural wood tannins and staining pigments to bind to the cellulose in your wood, giving an incredibly long lasting durability.

Decomposing fungus, rot and insects will no longer find your wood attractive to consume. Safe Way Wood Treatment works differently to other poisonous wood preservers which rely on their toxicity to repel decomposers and are quickly washed away by the elements. Our unique wood treatment will last many years and is totally safe for you and your family from application onwards.

Being completely safe, it is perfect for raised beds, as it will not leach toxic chemicals into your soil and consequently your vegetables. It is even equally safe for children play areas etc. Safe Way Wood Treatment is THE Eco Safe Wood Treatment to use.

Safe Way Wood Treatment does not seal the wood, but allows it to breathe and age naturally, maturing in the normal way to a silver grey to a dark brown, depending on the species of wood and the origin of growth.

Safe Way Wood Treatment can be used together with our 100% VOC free wood stains, giving you a choice of many natural, beautiful tones and protection too.


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