Rot ‘N’ Bug Treatment



The safe way to treat woodworm, wet rot, dry rot, fungal growth.

Rot ‘N’ Bug Treatment for woodworm, wet rot, dry rot, fungal growth is a high performance water-based wood treatment specially formulated utilising inorganic minerals. Rot ‘N’ Bug Treatment is a highly effective treatment, suitable for a wide range of applications, including : The treatment of common furniture beetle (woodworm), deathwatch beetle and termites together with the ability to treat wet rot, dry rot and mould.

Rot ‘N’ Bug Treatment is applied directly onto wood surfaces, penetrating the wood and protecting it throughout. The active ingredients do not break down over time, so it remains in the wood for the life of the wood, providing on going treatment. By keeping the wood sealed or protected from moisture, as in the loft of your home, you eliminate the need for re-treatment. If used outdoors, it is necessary to re-treat every 3 years, unless it is over coated with a sealing coat of paint or other product that will limit water ingress.

Where damp basements and cellars are a problem with mould and fungal growth adhering to brick and stone walls, Rot ‘N’ Bug Treatment is the answer to treating these problem areas.

Rot ‘N’ Bug is the Safe Way to treat woodworm, wet rot, dry rot and fungal growth

Rot ‘N’ Bug Treatment can even be used to treat termites, which, historically are normally exceedingly difficult to treat.

Large manufacturers make their wood preservative using cheap but still highly toxic formulas, with profit at the forefront. The vulnerability of the user during the application of wood preservative and thereafter the leaching of toxins into the home, that are harmful to people, pets and the environment are ignored in place of profitability.

Choose our Non-Drip Gel Formula

Non-Drip GEL Formula is ideal for applying an even coat to overhead beams and vertical timbers.  Prolongs contact time to ensure deep penetration into wood fibres.

How to use Rot ‘N’ Bug Treatment

  • Simply add the Rot ‘N’ Bug powder formula to hot tap water and thoroughly stir.
  • Easy to apply by sprayer, brush or roller.
  • For infested wood apply 3 coats.
  • To deter infestation apply 2 coats.
  • Dries fast.
  • One litre of solution will treat between 4 and 8 square metres per coat.
  • Simply clean up with soap and water.

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Non-Drip Gel

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