Village Green Ready To Use Interior Wood Stain



Village Green Ready to Use Interior Stain

Village Green interior wood stain colours are formulated to be 100% chemical solvent free, using the latest and best micronized water soluble pigments that impart a beautiful colour to your interior wood work, with superior German binders and flow additives.

Totally safe, there are no hazardous petrochemical solvents or additives. Village Green Interior Wood Stain is VOC free, odour free, easy to use and dries fast.

Our interior wood stain colours penetrate deep into the wood and binds to the wood fibres.  The semi-transparent qualities enhance the wood grain, leaving a beautiful natural finish.
Village Green Ready To Use Interior wood stain colours can be used on all joinery, window frames, doors, door frames and of course floors, as well as kitchen units, worktops, tables, chairs, furniture, cupboards etc.

Experience our artisan quality, small batch wood stains. Guaranteed to satisfy even the most seasoned craftsmen.

Try using our grey stains as an undertone by applying them onto your wood, allowing to dry, and then applying a second coat of a different colour, such as our Oxford Brown or Tudor. You will be amazed by the depth that this technique can add to your finish.

How to Use

  • Easy to use, wipe, brush, or spray, fast to apply, fast to dry.
  • Simply shake the bottle thoroughly to ensure pigment dispersal, then add contents to a suitable container and apply using a brush, lint free cloth or sponge.
  • Normally drying takes around 1 hour, depending on ambient conditions.
  • Clean up could not be more simple.  Just use soap and water.
  • Finish by sealing the stain with wax, oil, water based lacquer or varnish.


Coverage is excellent, being between 7 and 10 square metres per litre, depending on the moisture content and porosity of the wood.

Additional information


Sunflower, Pine, English Leather, Brindle, Nutmeg, Saddle Tan, Light Oak, Oxford Brown, Gunstock, Tudor, Dove, French Grey, Georgian Grey, Storm Cloud, Gunpowder, Ebony, Country Green, Brooklands, Boxwood, Basil, Mushroom, Honeysuckle, Flowerpot, Duck Egg Blue, Boathouse, Wedgwood, Light Teal


250ml, 500ml, 1 Litre


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