Exterior Wood Stain



Exterior Wood Stain

Safe Way Exterior Wood Stain is the most technologically advanced with amazing, outstanding performance.

Use all around gardens and homes, with peace of mind that there are no toxic chemicals to harm you, your family, pets or the environment.

Safe Way Exterior Wood Stain penetrates deep into the wood and binds to the wood fibres. The semi-transparent qualities of our high quality pigments enhance the contrast of the wood grain, leaving a beautiful natural finish, lasting many years.

Ideal for all of your outdoor wood stain projects, especially deck stain and including gazebos, sheds, summer houses chicken coops, kennels, barns, stables, garages, fences, raised garden beds and much more.

Premium water based exterior wood stain is available in easy to carry and store concentrates that simply mix with water and make 5 litres of stain, or our larger size that will make 25 litres of beautiful outstanding colour.

Premium Exterior Wood Stain

Our Premium Exterior Wood stain contains double the amount of pigment, giving a deep vibrant colouration. For the most luxurious, long lasting finishes after just one coat, you will save time and money when you use our best. We even offer a 5 year durability guarantee*(See bottom of page for details). To opt for our Premium Exterior Wood Stain, use buying options at the top of the page.

Added Wood Treatment

We now offer the option to add our amazing wood treatment to our Exterior Wood Stains, creating an all in one product which provides unsurpassed protection. The mordant action of the wood treatment causes both the natural wood tannins and staining pigments to bind to the cellulose in your wood, giving an incredibly long lasting durability.

Decomposing fungus, rot and insects will no longer find your wood attractive to consume. Safe Way Wood Treatment works differently to other poisonous wood preservers which rely on their toxicity to repel decomposers and are quickly washed away by the elements. Our unique wood treatment will last many years and is totally safe for you and your family from application onwards.

To opt for added wood treatment use the buying options at the top of the page. Also available as a stand alone products which gives a silver/grey to dark brown finish depending on the original wood and its natural tannin levels. (Insert link)

How To Use

  • Shake the bottle of concentrate thoroughly to ensure pigment dispersal, then add contents to cold water at the ratio of 1 part concentrate to 4 parts cold water (1 litre concentrate added to 4 litres of water). Some pigments may settle in the bottom of the bottle. If this occurs, add a small amount of water and shake until all pigment is dissolved and pour into mixing pail. Stir the wood stain and it is ready to use.
  • Drying time is fast, normally drying between 1 and 2 hours, depending on weather conditions.
  • Clean up could not be more simple. Just use soap and water.
  • For a darker shade, apply further coats of stain.


Coverage is between 7 and 10 square metres per litre, depending on the moisture content and porosity of the wood.

Our Guarantee

Our Premium Exterior Wood Stains carry a 5 year warranty. When correctly applied, as in the instructions, the finish is guaranteed not to crack, peel, flake, blister or chalk within 5 years of application to vertical surfaces. Wood must be clean and in good condition, free from any insect or fungal infestation and be chemical free before the original application of Safe Way Premium Exterior Wood Stains.

Additional information


Makes 5 Litres, Makes 25 Litres


Pine, Rustic Pine, Cedar, Redwood, Teak, Light Oak, Golden Oak, English Oak, Dark Oak, Tudor Oak, Pebble, Driftwood, Slate Grey, Graphite, Black, Taupe, Basil, Eco Green, Ivy, Light Teal, Boathouse, Wedgwood, Duck Egg Blue

Upgrade To Premium

Standard, Premium

Add wood treatment

No wood treatment, Added wood treatment


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