Premium Beehive Woodstain + Wood Treatment



Premium Beehive Wood Stain and Wood Treatment

Safe-Way Beehive Premium Wood Stain + Wood Treatment is truly 100% chemical solvent free. It performs better than expensive petrochemical solvent stains and is SAFE.
We use advanced micronized, water soluble pigments, with amazing, outstanding performance. Developed specifically for Beehives, it is safe to use inside and out, with peace of mind that there are no toxic chemicals to harm you, your bees or the environment.
Our Premium Wood Stain + Wood Treatment penetrates deep into the wood fibres, offering deep down protection. The semi-transparent qualities enhance the wood grain leaving a beautiful natural finish lasting many years.

Proudly supplied to E.H. Thorne Apiary Supplies, the UKs leading apiary retailer.

E.H. Thorne Apiary Supplies

How To Use

Shake the bottle thoroughly to ensure pigment dispersal. Apply with a brush, roller or sprayer.

Drying time is fast, normally drying between 1 and 2 hours, depending on weather conditions.

Clean up could not be more simple. Just use soap and water.

For a darker shade, apply further coats of stain.

Additional information


Mustard Seed, Cedar, Tawny, Oak, Dove Grey, Shadow Grey, Eco Green, Light Sage, Honeysuckle, Duck Egg Blue, Bluebell


473ml, 946ml


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