Teddy Bear Chair

Here’s a beautiful creation hand made by a hobby craftsman, finished in our Duck Egg Blue Village Green Ready to Use Wood Stain. A lot of hard work went into this and we reckon it was well worth it! Teddy Bear Chair

Fender Stratocaster

This stunning custom built Stratocaster was stained using our Concentrated Interior Wood Stain in the colour of French Grey for a unique finish. I bet it sounds as fantastic as it looks! Fender Stratocaster

Decking Clean and Restore

One of our customers was so impressed with our Xtreme Power Deck, Shed and Fence Cleaner/Restorer that they wanted to share the results with us. After a good clean the deck was ready for staining. It looks a real treat in our Cedar coloured Exterior Wood Stain with added wood treatment. Decking Clean and Restore

Wooden It Be Nice Bird Boxes

We are proud to be supplying stain to Wooden It Be Nice Bird Boxes. These are great for local wildlife but the good karma is spread even further than that - this outfit gives its proceeds to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital. Wonderful! Our stains are perfect for a project like this because they are all... Wooden It Be Nice Bird Boxes

Custom Beehives

We have had a huge demand for our Premium Beehive stains. Here is the beginning of a project from an avid bee keeper turned craftsman. Shown here are the bases of some beehives that are currently being built. We think it looks like a great start and can’t wait to see how it turns out! Custom Beehives